Yoga with Nicola

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Yoga with Nicola


A class where every student is given the space to progress at  their own pace.


A teaching style that is warm and friendly.


Clear instruction and safe guidance towards developing strength, dynamic alignment and flexibility throughout the body.


A space to connect mind and body through movement and breath.


A moment of peace in our busy lives.



Following her dance training at the Laban Centre and a number of years performing with choreographers such as Fran Barbe and Gaby Agis Nicola has been teaching dance for 22 years and yoga for 15 years. She offers yoga classes that playfully explore a dynamic alignment, reducing tension, creating space in the physical body and allowing freedom of breath to bring balance and calm.



As a certified Skinner Releasing Technique (SRT) teacher her yoga classes are informed by this dance practice that utilise creative and poetic imagery to focus the mind and cultivate a powerful grace in movement which, when supported by the breath, allows us to be completely present in our bodies as we move through our daily lives.


Nicola also qualified to teach Birthlight Pregnancy and Postnatal yoga and has been teaching this work since 2014.







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